"We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We are together.

And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [3/8] favorite celebrity friendships ▶ Yvonne Strahovski & Zachary Levi

” They had never acted together. They didn’t know each other and we had no idea if these two had any chemistry. But I remember early on the pilot, I think it’s the first scene they ever filmed together. The moment is still so clear in my mind because we were shooting at this place called El Compadre and I remember sighing with relief and going, ‘Yes! They’ve got it. They’ve got it!’ ” - Chris Fedak

”Are you kidding me? I would gladly put my lips on her lips or whatever they put in the script. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. And it’s fun because she’s also a big tomboy in a lot of ways, too. She’s really down to earth and if I have to I will take a barrage of bullets. I’ll take a mortar to the chest if I have to, if that’s what we’re talking about.” - Zachary Levi

"I just want to say, that after nine seasons, definitely my favorite moments have been looking in your eyes, and seeing your smiles, and seeing your faces light up when you see us…the fans of the show have truly touched me in ways that I never thought possible. So, for that, I am forever grateful, and I love you dearly."


"Or there’s another kind of activity two people share, repetitive motion, builds to a climax."


After 17 season’s of Pretty Little Liars, A is revealed and captured. The girls hug each other in a safe embrace, but are interrupted by the faint noise of a text. They read it aloud and stare into the distance, “It’s my turn, bitches -B”.


Shonda Rhimes: Ship Destroyer

If it’s not already happened, it will.

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